Our Engagement Party Decor & DIY Projects

My goal when planning for our engagement party and choosing the color scheme and decor, was to correlate it with the theme of the upcoming wedding, as best as possible!

Our wedding is garden themed, so I only thought it fitting for our engagement party to include lots of greenery, white and blush hues, with metallic pops of rose gold!

From the invitations to the very plate you ate from, everything had such detail and thought put in to it (I didn't sleep for days), but it was totally worth it!

See for yourself below........


-The Invitation-

-The Welcome Sign-


-The Tablescape-






PHOTOGRAPHY: @geolehnmedia

Creating Your Own Outdoor Oasis That Won't Break The Bank

The first thing I ask people when they wonder what they should do with there space, is "What do you want to be able to do in here?" (Do you want to eat here? Watch TV? Work on your laptop? Play games with the kids?) etc. 

Once you establish what it is you want to be doing in this "space", you can now  plan for how you are going to set it up and what all you are going to need to buy to make it happen!

In this case, we're talking outdoor patio's/porches/lanais/deck's (whatever the heck you want to call it).

So let's get started!

P.S- I am going to be linking all of my favorite outdoor pieces that are affordable and can whether the unpredictable FL mood swings down at the bottom :) 


I find that the #1 thing people want to do on there outdoor patio's is have a nice place to dine and sit outside with friends and family and enjoy your meals out here on cool nights, and also to have a lounge area where people can sit, relax and enjoy some good conversation.

So, that means you want to get 2 things out of your space (a cozy and comfortable spot to sit and drink, and a functional and nice table set up to dine at).

P.s- see how the coffee table in the above image doubles as a fire pit?! I highly recommend a fire pit coffee table combo for those of us that love to entertain and be outside!


I love this inspirational image above and I think the owner/designer did a fabulous job of making the most out of this back patio that isn't exactly gigantic. As you can see, they knew what they wanted out of this space, and they made it happen. 

I absolutely love this round dining table, with the chairs around it. This allows you to gather your family and dine out here, functionally! And right beside it, you have an awesome outdoor sectional, small space coffee table to set down drinks, and floor poufs for additional seating! 

It looks like this coffee table might even double as a drink cooler, SCORE! Maximizing your space with pieces that serve multiple purposes is major key!

This literally looks like such a cozy and inviting outdoor space you would never want to leave!

They added all the necessities of an outdoor oasis done right. Here is a list of key items you NEED to create a space just like this!

  • Area Rug
  • String Lights for ambiance
  • Lots of Plants
  • Outdoor Pillows and Throws
  • Floor Pouf for a laid back feel


Lawn chairs are key during the summer, especially here in FL. We all want to get our tan on and not have to leave the comfort of our own back yard, but don't let these lawn chairs take up space on your patio. Keep these bad boys where they belong (the lawn). 

I find that lawn chairs are a great way to make your lawn look well put together and less empty (especially if you don't have a pool). Yes, you gotta decorate the lawn tooooooo! 

Put out 2 or 3 lawn chairs in the grass, right near the patio. This will allow for yet another place to lounge around (even at night), and styling them with a cute towel and lumbar pillow will make for the perfect tanning spot that will call your name every Saturday!

-INSPIRATIONAL PICS TO BETTER get my point across-

Small space patio that accommodates both a dining and lounging space! Dining table from World Market. 

Small space patio that accommodates both a dining and lounging space! Dining table from World Market. 

Target's Project 62 Outdoor Furniture collection has the BEST Fire pit/Coffee table Combo! Great deal too! 

Target's Project 62 Outdoor Furniture collection has the BEST Fire pit/Coffee table Combo! Great deal too! 

World Market has the cutest outdoor furniture of high quality and affordable prices! Add bright throw pillows during the Summer time!

World Market has the cutest outdoor furniture of high quality and affordable prices! Add bright throw pillows during the Summer time!

Dining Table & Sectional Lounging area combo! 

Dining Table & Sectional Lounging area combo! 

Some of my FAVORITE pieces for a Functional & Stylish Outdoor Oasis: 

To be honest, IKEA & TARGET have some amazing outdoor pieces that are super affordable and awesome quality too! I think the outdoor furniture from IKEA is the most high quality thing they make. I recommend getting your lounging pieces (sectional, chairs) from IKEA, and getting the accessories like outdoor rugs, poufs, etc. from World Market & Target! 


ALSO- Save an extra 15% off patio furniture & outdoor rugs from TARGET through Monday using Promo Code: HOME






Remember you can do just about anything no matter how small the space! Just think about what you would enjoy doing most in that space, and then make it happen! And if you can't, you know where to find me :) 


7 Ways To Make Your Small Space look way Bigger!

Whether you rent or own, we all want to incorporate tricks for making our place look larger than it really is! (Skip reading this blog post if you live in a house more than 3000 sq.ft. and go appreciate your giant ceilings).


Interior Designer: Studio McGee

Interior Designer: Studio McGee

I can not express enough how important curtain rod placement is! My rule of thumb is to hang the curtain rod only about 3-6 inches down from the ceiling. By placing it right up near the ceiling, you are giving the illusion that your walls are much taller, therefore making it look like you have higher ceilings, which then makes your entire space look bigger! 

BUT, hanging your curtain rod up near the ceiling means nothing if your curtains don't touch the ground. I think that is probably my biggest pet peeve (when curtains don't touch the floor). Like I'm sorry but did you just not measure your ceiling height or do you honestly think that looks good)? 

When buying curtains, all you need to know is the height of your ceilings (no need to measure the height of the window because that doesn't matter what so ever.) So, if you have 8 foot ceilings, you need to buy 96 inch curtain panels! Then, when you hang the curtains, they will drape nicely on to the floor and suddenly you have head to toe curtains and your friends walk in and think you have giant windows and ceilings! Voila! 

2. Rugs- go big or go home

You've heard it before, but i'll tell you again, rug placement is everythinggggggggggggg. 

When you have a small space living room, bedroom, (small space anything), and then you throw a tiny rug in the middle of the room, all you are doing is actually accenting where your floors begin and end, which is only highlighting how small your really space is.

When you throw a large area rug in to the mix, the human eye is suddenly like "woah this is a decent size space, because if this large area rug fits in here then we're okay". Also, your giving off the illusion of not knowing where the actual floor begins and ends. Basically, going big with your rug choice will anchor your space and make the whole room look larger!


I'm pretty sure the above image says it all. 

This tiny little dining area looks endless and SO much larger with this full length mirror here than it would if this were just an empty wall. 

I love this trick because it is so easy to implement and doesn't have to be expensive either. Finding one of these sleek and simple leaning floor mirrors, whether its in a dining room, bedroom, living area, or small bathroom, a mirror will give the illusion that it is much larger than it really is!

This is such an easy way to fill up empty wall space too! I love that mirrors reflect light around the room. It's a very useful tool when natural light isn't available. Mirrors will definitely help make the room seem bigger and brighter!


Picking a paint color can be tough, but for those of us in the small-space-squad, we can narrow it down quite a bit, by just choosing from the light and cooler sections of the color wheel. 

White, creams, light grays, soft blues, blushes, and other neutrals on your walls will make your place seem bright and inviting, and more open and airy, creating the look of a larger space!

When you put a dark bold color on the wall, or even make an accent wall with something dark, you are stopping the nice continuous flow of your light and airy wall color, and making the eye really notice where your walls begin and end, thus making your space look even smaller (and darker).

You can't go wrong with a light, bright, fresh & airy paint color :) 

5. The COFFEE TABLE A.K.A the center of attention

With a small space living room, the last thing you want is a big and chunky coffee table that takes up unnecessary space. I mean, lets be real, how often do you actually use your coffee table? Okay, everyday but for what? The things we use our coffee tables for are things that take up basically no space whatsoever! Examples: Putting your feet up, putting a cup of coffee down, putting a book down, maybe a vase of flowers, dinner plate when eating on the sofa, glass of wine?) All things that take up so little space. So why do we put huge coffee tables in our small space living rooms? No clue.

The big trend right now is acrylic coffee tables which I feel is kind of a timeless look and won't ever go out of style simply because of how life changing it is for people with small spaces. You still get the functionality of a coffee table, but you just made your entire living room look so much bigger because the coffee table just seamlessly blends in to the room! (and the stuff on top almost looks like it's floating in mid-air. It's pretty cool!)

Lastly, a coffee table can be just about anything. You can do a small ottoman/pouf as a coffee table with a cute little tray on top for functionality. Double win because it's also way more comfortable to put your feet up on :) But you can also use a small side table as a coffee table too! Just one single side table in front of your sofa will create lots of walking space in the middle of the room. Win-Win. 


Just because you have a small space, doesn't mean you need to be like "hmmmmm, let me measure and see the largest size sofa I can possibly fit in here!". No no no. 

We all want to provide the most amount of seating possible for when having friends and company over, but adding giant pieces of furniture that look like they belong in a living room triple your size will just make your living room look tiny.

Pick out pieces that are made for small spaces or better yet "apartment sized sofas". This will make guarantee that the sofa is slim enough for your space, not too bulky, and you can still choose the right width for you. It doesn't have to be just a love seat.

Then for additional seating, add small accent chairs and floor poufs. I love the vibe floor pillows bring in and how they double as cute and functional! 

Same with TV stands, don't go with a giant media unit that looks ridiculous in your place. Go with something narrow and sleek that still offers you all the storage you need (trust me they exist!)


There is beauty in simplicity my friends. 

A key factor in decorating your small space is knowing when enough is enough. You don't want to overpower the room, and you definitely do not want to clutter it up.

Some of the smallest spaces can look so roomy and airy when they are decorated with a simple and cohesive design.

I think a big factor is sticking to one cohesive color scheme that flows throughout your home. This will be easy on the eye and won't stop you in your tracks like bold pops of black or fuchsia might. 

When it comes to decorative pieces on your nightstand or side tables, don't clutter them up. Keep it simple with a stack of books, maybe a piece of greenery and a simple table lamp. Same with decorating your walls. I love bare walls that are decorated strategically rather than covered in wall decor. 

The more bare your walls are the larger the room will feel! Show off those gorgeous walls and that stunning light and airy paint color you chose.  


Implementing just a few of these steps will take your home to the next level and bring you and your guests from feeling claustrophobic to roomy and relaxed!


Happy Decorating!




How To: Decorate Around The TV

Decorating around your TV can be difficult, especially when it's just one large blank wall. 

The key to styling your TV wall properly, is to make your TV blend in with the rest of the space!

Today, I am sharing how you can decorate around your TV, 4 different ways, to make your home look like decorating pro lives there! 

Tip #1: Gallery Walls Are Always A Good Idea

A wall of simple and classic frames, with all of your favorite pictures or prints framed inside is the perfect way to decorate around your TV, and also a great way to fill up lots of empty wall space! 

A Gallery wall of frames takes attention off the big black TV, and brings more of the focus to your beautiful accent wall. This is also an easy way to add a more personal and inviting touch to the room and a great conversation starter too!

I absolutely love these brass frames HERE and another more affordable option are these classic black and white frames HERE

Tip #2: A Collage Of Your Favorite art pieces

Sort of like a gallery wall, but instead of frames and personal pictures, you are making a collage of artwork, sort of like an art museum! I find it to be such an awesome way to make your TV blend in to the background, and draw the eye to the art that you love oh so much.  Whether you bought the art online, or have collected art from all the places you have traveled to, making a statement out of your TV wall with bold art and prints will really draw ones eye from looking at a plain TV.

The great thing about making a collage of art, is that no matter the size of it, or even if the frames don't match, it looks eclectic and effortless which makes for one stunning accent wall. Let your art make the statement, not your TV! 

THIS is my absolute favorite website for art peices of all different shapes and frames in all different sizes and finishes! 

Tip #3: Greenery, decorative objects, & seating on each side

Adding a media console below your TV that hides away all those ugly wires and cable boxes is ideal! But then adding decor on top of the media unit is crucial. 

I love decorating with greenery and plants. Whether you have a black thumb or not, you can always buy faux plants that look just as real (and don't attract bugs). Anyways, I just love the color and life it brings to a room, and the attention the plants draw in.

If you have some empty space on the sides of the media unit, I love the idea of adding a chair on each side. This creates such a great conversational layout of your furniture, and allows people to pull the chair up to watch the TV, or sit to the side and talk to you on the sofa. Great room layout, and also a fabulous way to fill up empty space in the room!


Tip #4: A Bold Accent Wall Color

Painting the wall behind your TV to be something bold and dramatic, other than the rest of the white walls in your space, will really make this wall stand out, and your TV blend in. 

I love a good accent wall! In the above picture, the dark gray paint color makes the TV blend in so much more rather than if this was a plain white wall. Also, adding a few decorative items and some greenery to decorate around your TV, but on the media console helps draw more of the eye to your gorgeous decor, rather than the TV. Such a great, and affordable design trick! 

I have had so many questions lately about "how to decorate around my TV" so I thought I would share a few design tricks to use to really make the most out of this wall that is stared at so much and such a huge and major part of your home!

Happy Decorating! 




Galentine's Day picks for and your bestie

The month of February gives us all a reason to incorporate all kinds of pink in to our homes and lifestyle without "over-doing" it (but really can you ever have enough pink?). Check out my top 12 items for the month and some of what i'm gifting to my gal pal's for Valentine's day! 

& remember to give LOVE and be LOVED!

Happy V-day Babes!

What To Get The Special Man In Your Life for V-DAY

Men are SO hard to shop for, which is why I have put together 9 items that the special man in your life is bound to love at least one of them!

Whether they love to travel (weekender duffel bag), are a business man (brief case), or just need some smell good after shave, you can get it all right here! 

All the items range in price from $ to $$$ based on what you are wanting to spend. Just click the item that interests you the most and happy shopping!

DIY Weekend Project (Interior Door Facelift)

Replacing the bedroom doors in my friends house made the overall look of the inside go from average to a million bucks and all it cost was the price of the paint! (Just 2 gallons). 

I absolutely love doing DIY Projects that give me instant gratification because it makes all the tedious work totally worth it.

Here is a before picture of the interior doors and this honestly does not even do it justice. It had all kinds of dirt, holes, and black finger prints all over the doors from kids and made the house look not cared for. 


Painting your interior doors a dark and rich color will hide all signs of fingerprints and dirt, and they make a much more warm and inviting statements! 

We chose to paint the doors with Benjamin Moore "Kendall Charcoal" for a bold and rich look. 

Below is a "During" pic that shows the door looking much more clean after scrubbing it down of all dirt and dust before painting! 


The doors needed 2 coats of paint and dried in about 20 minutes on each side (thanks to the super windy weekend we just had in SoFlo.)

Replacing the outdated and worn out brass handles on the doors was the next step in giving these interior doors there much needed face lift.

These sleek and modern brushed Nickel door handles were purchased from Home Depot and totally give the whole house a much more updated and "brand new house" feel!

Here is the after picture below once we put the doors back on the hinges (which we also replaced with new silver hinges). 

The picture doesn't hardly give it justice (but you get the idea!). These newly painted interior doors brought this house from 0 to 100 real quick! 


Friday FAVE'S


Happy Friday friends! Throughout the week I have set aside some items I've come across and will most likely purchase over the weekend! Most of them are on SALE and too good to pass up. Funny how a lot of the items I love are in the pink family-- guess that tells you a fun little fact about me (I love pink). 

We are laying low this weekend and working on our house plans to hopefully finalize by Monday! I am SO excited to get these plans finalized, receive all our permits, and start breaking ground! 

In the mean time, have fun shopping these adorable items and snag them while they're on sale-- I know I will!



p.s- all images are shoppable-- just click the image you want to get a closer look at!

DIY: Bar Cart Styling

Bar cart's have become all the rage in 2017, and I only see them becoming more popular in 2018! 

If you have a home or apartment with little counter space or no actual wet bar area, I highly recommend making a bar cart station! Whether it be for alcohol, or even for just coffee and all of its goodies, it makes for a designated space to grab a drink that is inspiring to look at and makes you happy, (your guests will love it too as you host parties!).

 I love the idea of breaking the norm and making a bar cart as your side table! Below is an apartment in New York I designed for the associate editor at People Magazine, who is allll about maximizing her space (as you know how tiny those NY apartments can be). Throwing a stately table lamp on top was the perfect addition to make this bar cart functional as both a side table and bar!

Check it out below and start shopping these bar cart items by simply clicking the item your interested in! 

Must Have Items in 2018


Hello and Happy 2018 fellow design lovers! I absolutely love the New Year and all of the opportunities that lie ahead and that amazing feeling of starting fresh! Today on the blog I am rounding up 9 of my gotta-have-it items this month that make me feel warm and cozy, motivated, and fresh and clean (all great things to feel when starting a new year!)

Check out the 9 items I'm loving below (you can click on any item that interests you and it will take you right to the website you can buy it from!)

Happy Shopping! I hope everyone has an amazing first work week of the year! 


Our Christmas Tree Reveal

If you follow along with my Instagram stories, then I am sure you have seen our tree a few times before right now. I am Christmas obsessed. It's December 6th and I have gone through 3 cartons of Eggnog already? What's wrong with meeeeeeeeee?

Anyways, I am SO excited to share our Christmas tree with you guys! It is such an awkward time in our lives right now because we are transitioning between moves and ALL of our stuff is still in a storage unit (I did manage to convince Ray J to get our ornaments out of storage though. Score). Normally, I would do a full Christmas house tour, but just our tree will have to suffice this year. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we do! I was telling Ray J that I think we should put it up in a museum as a piece of art, because all we do every night is stare at it mezmorized lol. #weirdos

Alright so scroll down to view all of the tree pics and details! I have linked all of the ornaments I have on the tree, and a few that I am obsessing over currently, and still need to purchase (if my tree will allow it).


P.S- Don't forget a gift for that design obsessed friend in your life, or treat your self this season!

I really wanted our tree to look like it was literally bursting with so many ornaments and accessories, and I would say mission accomplished! The tree makes us so happy to just stare at all the time lol, but isn't that what Christmas trees are for?! I also like to light the Fresh Balsam candle from Bath & Body Works to really fill up the whole place with the smell of Christmas, because even though our tree is REAL, it just doesn't smell strong enough.

Thanks for following along you guys! Be sure to purchase your favorite ornaments linked below!!!

Similar Monogram Ornaments

Furry Acorn

Glittered White Reindeer Ornament

Jolly Striped Balls stuffer

Candy Cane Swirl Tree Stuffer

Elf Legs

Top Hat Tree Stuffer

Similar Snowman Ornament

Cactus Ornament

Similar Tree Skirt







A Renter's Guide To Decorating For Christmas

We have all either been there, or still are renting an apartment that makes decorating for the holidays just a tad more difficult than those BLESSED people who own their homes.

You may not have a yard to decorate, but there are still many ways you can deck the halls inside and outside your apartment/town home/condo! So just follow these few simple tips to turn your apartment in to a cozy Winter Wonderland!


Just because you live in an apartment complex or a townhouse where you don't have a yard to decorate, does not mean you can't decorate your outside, whether it be your front door or a balcony/patio! I recommend starting with a cheerful and inviting holiday door mat, whether it say something in the spirit of Christmas, or it has Santa's face on it, it's one step closer to a joyful small space Christmas!

Next, find that perfect wreath that speaks to you. There are so many stores with tons of beautiful wreaths right now, but honestly I went to every single one I could before I finally decided on one (I like to see all my options before committing--sorry). Anyways, a stunning and stately wreath will bring that boring apartment front door to life instantly and set the tone for the rest of your home as you, family and friends come inside!


Candles are literally everrryyytttthiiiiinggg! I swear, no one makes a better candle (especially Christmas candles) other than Bath & Body Works. UGH. There candles are seriously heavenly. The second I light the Fresh Balsam candle, my house smells like a Christmas tree farm and puts me in the happiest mood! Get yourself one of these candles, ESPECIALLY if you don't have a real tree to give off that piney smell and you will not regret it! AND THEY ARE ON SALE TODAY FOR JUST $8.95 FOR ALL THESE AMAZING 3-WICK CANDLES so now is the perfect time to stock up (I go through one of these like every week).


If you have a larger sized living room in your rental, then I recommend putting the tree in the living room (which is where you are most of the time, if you're anything like me). If you don't have much space for a Christmas tree, I recommend a small table top version that gets it off the floor (also a pet friendly version for those of you with evil cats). I like to put a Christmas tree in basically every room. A small table top Christmas tree is SO cute in the bedroom and makes for a stunning night light. The main living space is not the only area that you can decorate. Bringing decorations throughout the main area and in to the bedroom makes being in every room in your house, super enjoyable. I love to bring Christmas in to the bedroom with twinkle lights, a Christmas-y throw on the bed, and a mini tree in the corner!


Styling your small space for Christmas time is sort of easier than decorating a larger space, just because Christmas decorations are SUPPOSED to look like clutter! (It's like the only time of the year where clutter is OK to have). So take advantage of it! You need to layer everything! 

When it comes to the sofa, layer on some Christmas-y throw pillows and blankets (the cozier the better!). Also, battery operated string lights are the BEST. I love to layer them throughout the entire home (interwoven in the garland so it lights up, draped over my headboard, or even placed in a glass bowl to light it up!).

I like to also remind people that Ornaments are not just meant for the tree! Layer some ornaments in a bowl on your coffee table to bring extra color throughout, or hang some ornaments with ribbon from your dining room chandelier! 


It's Christmas time, and little twinkle lights are everything. Especially those little battery operated ones. I love to layer them throughout the entire home (interwoven in the garland so it lights up, draped over my headboard, or even placed in a glass bowl to light it up!). These little lights set the tone and bring Christmas cheer throughout the entire space! They also last for like EVER, but if they do run out, all you have to do is switch out the batteries! Super easy and energy efficient. 


Don't have a fireplace? That's OK! You can still have stockings!

If you have a stair case, this is the CUTEST way to jazz it up and make it super festive looking! String some garland up the railing and clip your stockings to it! Such a cute and well decorated look. You can even hang some ornaments from the garland going up the railing and intermingle some twinkle lights through it to light it up!

I don't have stairs unfortunately, so when we trimmed our tree this year, I took all of the extra pine clippings and layered them on the media unit to make it look like a thick strand of garland on top of a mantle! I then hung my stockings from the TV unit as well! Great way to make it look like you actually have a mantle, without the fireplace part. 

That is all for right now babes!

I am also running a Christmas Special right now for anyone needing any assistance with decorating for Christmas! Email me or contact me via my Website.


Creating an inspirational and motivating workspace

Hey fellow design lovers! Today on the blog I am talking about the top 7 items you NEED on your office desk to create a stress-free and obviously super cute work space, I am talking any office space too! Doesn't matter if it is a cubicle, normal desk, or CEO's office, so follow these steps and be sure to click all the links down on the bottom to see all of my absolute favorite (super affordable) items for office spaces! 


Ditch the grey covered walls and all of that white and grey desk space and bring a little color and life in to your office! I recommend picking a color scheme that makes you happiest and choose only 3 (don't go over board). So, whether its navy blue, pink and gold, or green, pale pink, and silver.... You always need a metallic in there. So which ever metallic you choose, make sure all of your accessories match with it! (such as metallic staplers, pen holders, trash bins, etc.)


We allllllll need a little motivation in our lives, especially on a Monday! So, a super easy and cheap trick to add awesome decor and fun inspirational quotes to your desk is to print out a few from Etsy and then just either tack it up on your upholstered wall desk (cubicle style) or frame it in a gorgeous frame and put it on your desk! VOILA! You already have something super cute and inspirational!


Have a dog or cat or other kind of pet that makes you happy to look at their little face and makes you want to push through the day so that you can give them a better life? Then put up a picture of you 2 on your desk or on your wall! Posting a personal pic in your office space will make you smile each time you look at it and motivate you to work hard!


You can NOT and I repeat, CAN NOT have a successful and stress-free work space if you are not organized. And not just organized, but organized in a cute way! Ditch those plain vanilla folders and add some pattern in your work space! There are so many cute and inspirational ones that keep you actually WANTING to file! A little desk top organizer as well to hold pens, extra note pads, etc. is always a great way to fill empty desk space as well! 


You need plants on your desk to bring a piece of the outside in (whether they are faux or not). Greenery or flowers not only add life to the space but they also add lots of color and texture! So pick out some flowers or a cute little topiary that goes with your color scheme. 


Say byeeeeeeeee to that plain mouse pad and get your self a cute and fun one that motivates your little mouse to get work done! Adding a mouse pad with a classic marble pattern, or something with a pretty reminder on it to chill out and take a breather will have you more relaxed and looking like you really have your life together. 


Have a not so cute desk? Fill most of the ugly grey or white space of the desk with a large desk calendar! A cute desk calendar will be both cute (obviously), and will also keep you super motivated and keep you organized! I love keeping all of my important dates on a large desk calendar so I can constantly look at them and keep them in mind. Great idea for deadlines and motivation to get things done before the weekend!

These are a few of my favorite things!

















Let's face it: you can have the most gorgeous space ever, but if that side table next to your sofa, or your nightstand next to your bed isn't styled properly, its KILLING THE WHOLE VIBE (I know, i'm super dramatic). But seriously, lets fix this issue. 

Side tables come in all different shapes and sizes and some are gorgeous and some are hideous (no we are not all beautiful in our own special way when it comes to furniture). But whether you have a stunning table or a not-so-pretty one, the way you style it can take it from 0-100 real quick.

So let's get started!


The key to a good side table is adding height to it! You can't have all the items on your side table being only a foot high, and the same height as your sofa or bed frame when on top of the table. You need to add height, and the best way to do that is by adding LARGE table lamps. I mean table lamps that are about 30 inches in height, or bigger. If you already have that gorgeous table lamp that you don't want to part with, then get a super cute stack of books (not random kids books either) but get some cute ones that come in a set of different sizes, and then place them on the side table, with your table lamp on top of the books to give it some height and dimension! Books also bring in some extra color and a bit of a personal touch. Books are super important to filling that empty space on your side table. Whether you put your lamp on top, or a vase of flowers, put a stack of books on your side table. 


Books are a key item to add to your side table, whether its in the bedroom on your nightstand of in the living room next to the sofa. Even if you don't read, (which honestly they should be more decorative books rather than reading books), books are a must! Like I mentioned above, they add a fun flair and if you go with bold black and white books, ugh they will look amazing. BUT books add dimension, character, and a well styled look. You really look like you know what your doing with a nice stack of books on your side table. 

P.S- I am not talking about a tower of books (more like 3-5 stacked on top of each other (in order of size-- largest to smallest on top).


I am a really bad plant mom. Like, really bad. I simply forget that these things need water to live (just like me). So faux plants have been the key to my (and all plant lives) happiness! Faux greenery is the best way to add texture and life to your table. I recommend a large faux eucalyptus bundle you can buy HERE with THIS super cute vase. Or, if your going for more of the boho look, go with THIS Monstera leaf. I love the whimsical and relaxed vibe plants bring in to a room!


You need to add a few other small accessories to your side table/nightstand to really make it look well decorated and like you thoughtfully designed it. I absolutely love THIS little gold object and the bold yet elegant statement it makes. You can get another one in THIS size. The 2 of them side by side, next to your greenery, stack of books, and tall table lamp = PERFECTION.





I feel like DJ Khaled....

What is up with my rap references today? #sorrynotsorry

P.S-- Another item I like to add to nightstand decor is a little jewelry dish as well. A cute little dish like THIS one would be perfect to place your ring or bracelets in before tucking yourself in to a peaceful sleep due to your perfectly styled nightstand that just makes you dream of it every time you close your eyes.

Follow these 4 design tips & you are sure to have a super awesome, thoughtfully designed, perfectly styled side table/nightstand!



Thanksgiving?! Can you believe it's less than a month away? Seriously though, where does time go? October 30th already? It's insane.

So, it's time to start getting your house prepared for all of your family members and friends coming over! SO today I am sharing 10 easy and affordable tips to have your tablescape looking in tip-top shape that will even surprise your rude Aunt *insert rude aunt name here*.

Setting your table may sound like the easiest thing to do (a table cloth, plates & silverware), but if you want your table looking like one of those drool worthy Pinterest pictures (which I know you do, because that's why your reading this right now), then implement these easy and affordable ideas for the perfect table setting. 


This is the part of decorating my table that I find to be the most difficult! There are SO many stunning fall color schemes you can go with and so many drool-worthy pictures of tablescapes on Pinterest that I basically just want to copy every single one of them (including the one in this picture above^, thank you Casa de Perrin). ANYWAYS, the goal here is to nail down a color scheme that you will stick with throughout the entirety of your table setting. An easy way to decide on a color scheme is to first assess where your table is. Will you be eating outside on the patio, or in a formal dining room? Either way, the color schemes should change. 

If you are eating outside, I recommend sticking with fall colors that flow and play off the colors of the trees. Use orange pumpkins as pops of color, on an all white table cloth, with lots of mini white pumpkins throughout. Throw some gold chargers down, with classic plates with perhaps a simple green leaf pattern to them. Remember to somehow bring in pattern to break up all the solidity! 


It is super important to make each and every guest in your house feel warm and welcomed! An inexpensive and easy way to do this is to assign seats by placing name tags at each seat! Doing this will let people know where they are sitting without confusion and it will make it known to them that they have a personal seat in the house, that you took time to do just for them!

My favorite way to make it personal is to write their name on a mini pumpkin in cute and artsy cursive, or if you want to get real fancy, you can type up custom made cards for their silver way to be held in! You can order these awesome cards HERE! 


Lighting is everything and what better way to create ambiance other than candles?! Layer those candles all over the table. I'm talking a variety of candles too. From tall pillar style candles in the center to create height, to medium sized, all the way to tiny tea lights inside some cute little lanterns. Layering lighting across the table between your greenery and mini pumpkins will be the cutest addition to the table and will really set the tone for the rest of the evening!


There is literally nothing worse than going over to someones house and seeing disgusting food crusted on silverware from their crappy dishwasher or finger prints from their hangs, or even worse, ugly water stains which represents lack of attention to detail.

Be that hostess with the mostest that has that sparkling clean silverware and people just can't wait to dig in with their bright & shiny utensil!


Let us not forget that no one gets through Thanksgiving dinner without alcohol. WE ALL have dysfunctional families, and if you think you don't, then your probably the dysfunctional one, but lets save that topic for another time/place. ANY WHO, get your self a bar cart if you don't already have one! Bar carts are such a statement piece and a great focal point for the dining room! THIS is a super cute bar cart, & THIS ONE TOO! Be sure to get cute bar cart accessories such as THIS and THIS and layer your bar cart with cute mini pumpkins, lots of DRINK WARE, and of course lots and lots of different kinds of alcohol. 

That's all from me for now :)