DIY Weekend Project (Interior Door Facelift)

Replacing the bedroom doors in my friends house made the overall look of the inside go from average to a million bucks and all it cost was the price of the paint! (Just 2 gallons). 

I absolutely love doing DIY Projects that give me instant gratification because it makes all the tedious work totally worth it.

Here is a before picture of the interior doors and this honestly does not even do it justice. It had all kinds of dirt, holes, and black finger prints all over the doors from kids and made the house look not cared for. 


Painting your interior doors a dark and rich color will hide all signs of fingerprints and dirt, and they make a much more warm and inviting statements! 

We chose to paint the doors with Benjamin Moore "Kendall Charcoal" for a bold and rich look. 

Below is a "During" pic that shows the door looking much more clean after scrubbing it down of all dirt and dust before painting! 


The doors needed 2 coats of paint and dried in about 20 minutes on each side (thanks to the super windy weekend we just had in SoFlo.)

Replacing the outdated and worn out brass handles on the doors was the next step in giving these interior doors there much needed face lift.

These sleek and modern brushed Nickel door handles were purchased from Home Depot and totally give the whole house a much more updated and "brand new house" feel!

Here is the after picture below once we put the doors back on the hinges (which we also replaced with new silver hinges). 

The picture doesn't hardly give it justice (but you get the idea!). These newly painted interior doors brought this house from 0 to 100 real quick!