How To: Decorate Around The TV

Decorating around your TV can be difficult, especially when it's just one large blank wall. 

The key to styling your TV wall properly, is to make your TV blend in with the rest of the space!

Today, I am sharing how you can decorate around your TV, 4 different ways, to make your home look like decorating pro lives there! 

Tip #1: Gallery Walls Are Always A Good Idea

A wall of simple and classic frames, with all of your favorite pictures or prints framed inside is the perfect way to decorate around your TV, and also a great way to fill up lots of empty wall space! 

A Gallery wall of frames takes attention off the big black TV, and brings more of the focus to your beautiful accent wall. This is also an easy way to add a more personal and inviting touch to the room and a great conversation starter too!

I absolutely love these brass frames HERE and another more affordable option are these classic black and white frames HERE

Tip #2: A Collage Of Your Favorite art pieces

Sort of like a gallery wall, but instead of frames and personal pictures, you are making a collage of artwork, sort of like an art museum! I find it to be such an awesome way to make your TV blend in to the background, and draw the eye to the art that you love oh so much.  Whether you bought the art online, or have collected art from all the places you have traveled to, making a statement out of your TV wall with bold art and prints will really draw ones eye from looking at a plain TV.

The great thing about making a collage of art, is that no matter the size of it, or even if the frames don't match, it looks eclectic and effortless which makes for one stunning accent wall. Let your art make the statement, not your TV! 

THIS is my absolute favorite website for art peices of all different shapes and frames in all different sizes and finishes! 

Tip #3: Greenery, decorative objects, & seating on each side

Adding a media console below your TV that hides away all those ugly wires and cable boxes is ideal! But then adding decor on top of the media unit is crucial. 

I love decorating with greenery and plants. Whether you have a black thumb or not, you can always buy faux plants that look just as real (and don't attract bugs). Anyways, I just love the color and life it brings to a room, and the attention the plants draw in.

If you have some empty space on the sides of the media unit, I love the idea of adding a chair on each side. This creates such a great conversational layout of your furniture, and allows people to pull the chair up to watch the TV, or sit to the side and talk to you on the sofa. Great room layout, and also a fabulous way to fill up empty space in the room!


Tip #4: A Bold Accent Wall Color

Painting the wall behind your TV to be something bold and dramatic, other than the rest of the white walls in your space, will really make this wall stand out, and your TV blend in. 

I love a good accent wall! In the above picture, the dark gray paint color makes the TV blend in so much more rather than if this was a plain white wall. Also, adding a few decorative items and some greenery to decorate around your TV, but on the media console helps draw more of the eye to your gorgeous decor, rather than the TV. Such a great, and affordable design trick! 

I have had so many questions lately about "how to decorate around my TV" so I thought I would share a few design tricks to use to really make the most out of this wall that is stared at so much and such a huge and major part of your home!

Happy Decorating!