7 Ways To Make Your Small Space look way Bigger!

Whether you rent or own, we all want to incorporate tricks for making our place look larger than it really is! (Skip reading this blog post if you live in a house more than 3000 sq.ft. and go appreciate your giant ceilings).


Interior Designer: Studio McGee

Interior Designer: Studio McGee

I can not express enough how important curtain rod placement is! My rule of thumb is to hang the curtain rod only about 3-6 inches down from the ceiling. By placing it right up near the ceiling, you are giving the illusion that your walls are much taller, therefore making it look like you have higher ceilings, which then makes your entire space look bigger! 

BUT, hanging your curtain rod up near the ceiling means nothing if your curtains don't touch the ground. I think that is probably my biggest pet peeve (when curtains don't touch the floor). Like I'm sorry but did you just not measure your ceiling height or do you honestly think that looks good)? 

When buying curtains, all you need to know is the height of your ceilings (no need to measure the height of the window because that doesn't matter what so ever.) So, if you have 8 foot ceilings, you need to buy 96 inch curtain panels! Then, when you hang the curtains, they will drape nicely on to the floor and suddenly you have head to toe curtains and your friends walk in and think you have giant windows and ceilings! Voila! 

2. Rugs- go big or go home

You've heard it before, but i'll tell you again, rug placement is everythinggggggggggggg. 

When you have a small space living room, bedroom, (small space anything), and then you throw a tiny rug in the middle of the room, all you are doing is actually accenting where your floors begin and end, which is only highlighting how small your really space is.

When you throw a large area rug in to the mix, the human eye is suddenly like "woah this is a decent size space, because if this large area rug fits in here then we're okay". Also, your giving off the illusion of not knowing where the actual floor begins and ends. Basically, going big with your rug choice will anchor your space and make the whole room look larger!


I'm pretty sure the above image says it all. 

This tiny little dining area looks endless and SO much larger with this full length mirror here than it would if this were just an empty wall. 

I love this trick because it is so easy to implement and doesn't have to be expensive either. Finding one of these sleek and simple leaning floor mirrors, whether its in a dining room, bedroom, living area, or small bathroom, a mirror will give the illusion that it is much larger than it really is!

This is such an easy way to fill up empty wall space too! I love that mirrors reflect light around the room. It's a very useful tool when natural light isn't available. Mirrors will definitely help make the room seem bigger and brighter!


Picking a paint color can be tough, but for those of us in the small-space-squad, we can narrow it down quite a bit, by just choosing from the light and cooler sections of the color wheel. 

White, creams, light grays, soft blues, blushes, and other neutrals on your walls will make your place seem bright and inviting, and more open and airy, creating the look of a larger space!

When you put a dark bold color on the wall, or even make an accent wall with something dark, you are stopping the nice continuous flow of your light and airy wall color, and making the eye really notice where your walls begin and end, thus making your space look even smaller (and darker).

You can't go wrong with a light, bright, fresh & airy paint color :) 

5. The COFFEE TABLE A.K.A the center of attention

With a small space living room, the last thing you want is a big and chunky coffee table that takes up unnecessary space. I mean, lets be real, how often do you actually use your coffee table? Okay, everyday but for what? The things we use our coffee tables for are things that take up basically no space whatsoever! Examples: Putting your feet up, putting a cup of coffee down, putting a book down, maybe a vase of flowers, dinner plate when eating on the sofa, glass of wine?) All things that take up so little space. So why do we put huge coffee tables in our small space living rooms? No clue.

The big trend right now is acrylic coffee tables which I feel is kind of a timeless look and won't ever go out of style simply because of how life changing it is for people with small spaces. You still get the functionality of a coffee table, but you just made your entire living room look so much bigger because the coffee table just seamlessly blends in to the room! (and the stuff on top almost looks like it's floating in mid-air. It's pretty cool!)

Lastly, a coffee table can be just about anything. You can do a small ottoman/pouf as a coffee table with a cute little tray on top for functionality. Double win because it's also way more comfortable to put your feet up on :) But you can also use a small side table as a coffee table too! Just one single side table in front of your sofa will create lots of walking space in the middle of the room. Win-Win. 


Just because you have a small space, doesn't mean you need to be like "hmmmmm, let me measure and see the largest size sofa I can possibly fit in here!". No no no. 

We all want to provide the most amount of seating possible for when having friends and company over, but adding giant pieces of furniture that look like they belong in a living room triple your size will just make your living room look tiny.

Pick out pieces that are made for small spaces or better yet "apartment sized sofas". This will make guarantee that the sofa is slim enough for your space, not too bulky, and you can still choose the right width for you. It doesn't have to be just a love seat.

Then for additional seating, add small accent chairs and floor poufs. I love the vibe floor pillows bring in and how they double as cute and functional! 

Same with TV stands, don't go with a giant media unit that looks ridiculous in your place. Go with something narrow and sleek that still offers you all the storage you need (trust me they exist!)


There is beauty in simplicity my friends. 

A key factor in decorating your small space is knowing when enough is enough. You don't want to overpower the room, and you definitely do not want to clutter it up.

Some of the smallest spaces can look so roomy and airy when they are decorated with a simple and cohesive design.

I think a big factor is sticking to one cohesive color scheme that flows throughout your home. This will be easy on the eye and won't stop you in your tracks like bold pops of black or fuchsia might. 

When it comes to decorative pieces on your nightstand or side tables, don't clutter them up. Keep it simple with a stack of books, maybe a piece of greenery and a simple table lamp. Same with decorating your walls. I love bare walls that are decorated strategically rather than covered in wall decor. 

The more bare your walls are the larger the room will feel! Show off those gorgeous walls and that stunning light and airy paint color you chose.  


Implementing just a few of these steps will take your home to the next level and bring you and your guests from feeling claustrophobic to roomy and relaxed!


Happy Decorating!