Meet Baylee

Born and raised in South Florida, Baylee has always had a passion for Interior Design since she was a little girl, constantly rearranging her own bedroom furniture. As an Alumna from the University of Central Florida and with a family history of designing and building homes, Baylee has turned her past experience into a very much loved passion and career. 

Whether you are looking for a new inspirational office setting or luxurious living room, Baylee’s design skills are ever-changing and always evolving. With numerous financial skills to add to the mix, Baylee can not only create the exact vision in your mind that you are looking for, but she can also adhere to your set budget, as she also knows what it is like decorating on a budget.   

Baylee enjoys creating a living environment where she is able to integrate the practical with the desirable, leaving you with a fun, fresh and distinctive flair that you are able to enjoy daily.